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Diary/Notes/Thoughts/Photos for upcoming book


   With a book in the making, I thought that I would make available on my web pages, the raw info that I am putting together for Cyril Ayris, the freelance journalist/author who will put it all into a printable, readable form. This info will supplement the recorded interviews that Cyril will conduct with me over the next month or so. The photos are from my collection of over 2,500 shots I took along the way. At Boulia, about half way, my 2 megapixel camera gave up responding to the "press to take" button. I let Bill know straight away so that he could get me another and have it waiting for me in Mt Isa, about 200km to the north. Bill, my brother who lives in Stockton, a suburb of Newcastle, was supporting me from afar. I was in contact daily by amateur radio and, where possible, telephone and email. He got me another Canon camera that was 7 megapixels, so the later shots are even greater resolution.

   These postings to my web pages are an ongoing process and they were started in January 2008. I am adding a new page every day or so and this means that the whole of the booknotes will not be available for some time. When you read to the end of what I have posted so far, the last "click" will fail. This will give you a break from reading and you can take up the story again a few days later.

    All the photos in these ramblings are "thumbnails", very small versions of the originals. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a new window with a larger view of the picture. This is still not the full resolution but will give a good idea of the content. All of the 2500+ photos, in full resolution, in my collection are on a DVD which is for sale and half the profit of these sales is going to the DeafBlind Association of NSW. If you are interested in purchasing the whole, full resolution DVD collection please send email to me with your postal address. The cost is $20 with delivery included in Australia.

                Photo DVD email address

First step at Spencer Gulf

Example Thumbnail

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   If you would like to open a sample photo taken with the 2 megapixel camera to see it in full resolution click here. When the larger picture shows, click on the picture to see the full resolution. Use the [BACK] button to return to this page. Note that it will be about 1 megabyte in size so could take a while to download. This is an example of the size of the photos in the full DVD collection.

   When the book comes out it will probably sell for $29.95 and will be available in "selected bookstores". That means that it will be in all the stores that I can get to take it and put on their valuable shelf space:-). I will be promoting the book where ever possible by getting radio interviews and also by sending a copy for review by newspapers.  I will "go for a drive" along the route of the walk and try to get the book on display for sale in retail outlets, caravan parks I stayed at, etc. I will also distribute the book from this web site.

   The book and photo collection DVD will be offered together at $39.95 as the photos are numbered in chronological order and there is a downloadable spreadsheet that has an entry for each day of the walk with the evening camp location. Being able to view the photos while reading the book adds immensly to the experience of following my walk. This camp position is given relative to the nearest town or major map feature and also the latitude and longitude of the campsite. Photographs were taken on almost every day and the photo numbers for each day are also included in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was prepared with Microsoft Works Spreadsheet and will also open with Microsoft Excel. Click here to download the spreadsheet.

   Also available for download is the list of equipment that I carried on my walk. Click here to download the equipment list. The list document was created in Microsoft Works word processor and can also be opened with Word.

  Please email me via the contact us page if you have any questions about the walk or these notes. Also email me if you would like to be notified when the book is published and available for sale.

   Click on the link below to read the next page of these notes. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed the walk and writing up these notes afterwards.