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My Future of Personal Fun and Fund Raising


I envisage an "entity" (company) created which I would like called "The Gulf to Gulf Foundation Inc.". It would be a not-for-profit organisation and exist to raise money for charity. It's primary asset would be a 50ft sailing ketch and startup funds from interest free loans into 'The Foundation'. I would like the boat to be called "Gulf to Gulf" (and be affectionately known as "The Gulf").

The initial funds would be from 20 "full members" with interest free loans of $5,000 each. Benefits to members would be access to "The Gulf" for visits and trips and, if "the foundation" was to be dissolved in the future, the assets to be sold and the "full members" to have loans returned. Permanent, "life" members would be sought
who donate $5,000 and they would replace the temporary members who could opt out when a permanent members comes in or the temporary member could convert to a "life" member by changing the loan to a donation. When a "life" member comes along, a temporary member must go to make room as there will always be a limited number of full members to the foundation. The last temporary member to sign on would be the first to go to make room.

"The Gulf" would be surveyed and registered for charter and "guests" taken on 4 hour harbour cruises for a fee. This income would provide for the upkeep and upgrade of the boat. Or, the guests could be registered as foundation "associate members" and a charter may not be necessary. A solicitor and/or accountant would need to be enlisted (hopefully as a volunteer) to sort out these details. In addition to the cruise fee, a donation of (minimum) $10 to a charity would apply, more later.

The crew would all be volunteers, although provided with a bunk and meals. I envisage serving meals to the paying guests at a cost extra to the cruise fee. The meal money would be separate to the cruise fee and would be sufficient to buy the raw materials (labour would be free) with enough left over to support the crew.

So there are 3 separate lots of money. Donations direct to charities, cruise fees to run the foundation and "cookie jar" accounting for meals.

Marketing would be done by the charities. DBA (for example) would send off a letter (or email) to all the Lions clubs in the Townsville area (for example) (and inland) offering cruises at $20 per head for the 4 hour cruise. They could bring their own meal or snacks or have breakfast or cold meat and salad meal for $10 with BBQ or hot meals at $20 or special seafood smorgasbord at $30 including a wine or 2 or lite beer. The club would need to have a fundraiser (or personal donations) to become eligible to partake in the 4 hour cruise raising a minimum of $100. This would be donated direct to one of "The Foundation"'s recipient charities. The foundation would be associated with multiple charities who would be allocated groups such as ham radio clubs, scouts, Apex etc.

"The Gulf" would spend a month in each port with an itinerary worked out 12 months in advance and working the northern ports in the winter and the southern ports in the summer. The necessary licenses and surveys would be obtained to build it up to be a very professional operation.

Cruises could be operated 6-10am covering breakfast on board, 11am-3pm covering lunch and 4-8pm covering dinner and twilight cruise. Groups could book 2 cruises adjoining and have 9 hours on board.

We could offer overnight stays if accommodation could be worked out. And maybe during transition between ports.

The $20 cruise fee would pay for materials for the boat's upkeep and volunteers would be welcome aboard with skills to use the materials. Slipping charges would also come from the cruise fees.

I would like to aim for $1,000 per week income from cruise fees. This would mean a minimum of $500 per week donations raising or $25,000 per year.

I am after expressions of interest from potential volunteers, recipient charities, groups wanting to partake in cruises and a solicitor/accountant to look after "the books".

Maybe I dream too much "on the road" but:

If you want a good taste of life, take big bites.

Committments of loans or donations:
Jeff $5,000
Phil $5,000
Bill $5,000
Nameless (as yet) $5,000

Jeff (full time) Acting project co-ordinator
Jim (the birdman) Vessel acquisition and restoration consultant
Keith (part time) Crew
Joe (part time) Crew
Mick (part time) Crew

Jeff Johnson

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