Jeff Johnson VK4XJJ

 Five months backpacking across Oz with his trusty FT-817nd

"Gulf to Gulf" (the book)  Info about the print version

Electronic (eBook) version now available on line (US$4.99)

The book normally retails at $32.95 (Angus & Robertson $35.99) and is available off the shelf or able to be ordered in from most bookshops.

As hams have shown a solid interest in purchasing the book, particularly after I have given a talk at a club, I have now made the book available for sale through the amateur radio clubs with a markup going to the club towards the club's coffers.

The club pays $15 (GST exempt invoice provided) and I recommend a club sale price of $25. For these club sales, I also supply a copy of the DVD with my photo collection with pics I took along the way. These 2,500 pictures add immensely to the reading pleasure with lots of pics of people, places and even quite a few of my radio/antenna setup(s). A spreadsheet is included on the DVD giving the date of each photo and the general area where it was taken. With email feedback, I can give full information about each photo, if required. These photos are of a good resolution (2 or 7 megapixels) and print very well up to A4 size.

The books are signed by me and are posted to the club on a "sale or return" basis. That is, if after a reasonable time (say 3 months) some books are not sold, they can be returned for a full refund. I will cover the cost of delivery both to the club and for any returns (within Australia). An eBook version is available online for those interested from overseas.

For the most cost-efficient delivery, I prefer to send 4 books in a P.O. slow satchel or a box of 11 books by parcel post.

Contact me to order books or for more information

Addressing the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club

I enjoy visiting amateur radio clubs to talk about my walk and the use of the 40 meter band to maintain  daily communications with my brother Bill (VK2FWGJ) in Stockton, my friend Roger (VK4BNQ) in Gympie and the many QSO's I had with other amateurs along the way.

Whenever I am not on the Gold Coast, I like to contact clubs and avail myself as a guest speaker. I'm happy to travel a bit out of my way but there is a limit:-).

I am now on EchoLink, and hopefully before not too long IRLP as well, and can join into a Net. In this way I can answer questions about the walk and my radio gear with clubs that I am not able to visit.

When I get back to the Gold Coast around the 12th September I will be setting up my newly acquired Squid pole and initiating a regular 40mtr weekly net to rejuvenate my 7.045 evening scheds which I ran nightly while on the walk and hopefully catch up with hams I "met" on air. This will be on my Roberts 29 yacht that I have at anchor and is my current accommodation.